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The average U.S. gas price  continues to reach record highs, with every state averaging at least $4 a gallon, and experts say it will continue to climb. 

The average for a gallon of gas is $4.56, according to AAA, a 16 cent jump from last week and 39 cent increase from when the national record was broken in March. According to AAA, gas prices in some parts of Scottsdale eclipsed $5.

It’s not adding up

Ashley Hovendon, Reprter/ Sports Editor
May 18, 2022
A CAPTIVATING PROJECT: DMs annual Project Captivate event is a platform for students to speak about what interests them. “Since Project Captivate is such a unique thing in the world, Taylor said, we need to make it a unique experience for attendants.” Taylor and many others are collaborating to organize this years Project Captivate, set to occur mid-May.

Captivating an audience

Christopher Lessler, Staff Writer
April 25, 2022
Juniors Christopher Lestler and Demi Sideris show the difference in approved books in the high school book list. “One way to bring to the forefront more female authors, said Jonna Wallace, the districts secondary ELA curriculum coach, is for students to recommend novels written by females to their English teachers. Only about 20 percent of the approved books are women authored.

Words by Women

Isabella Rayball, Staff Writer
January 13, 2022
Around the world millions of people set annual goals for themselves. Around 75 percent of DM students participate in making resolutions. What are they, and how can we ensure they’re reached?

New Year. New Wolves.

Sophia Good, Staff Writer
December 16, 2021
DOOMED TO FALL - Mr. Johnson assisting freshman Giana Despirito and Luca Collins with their bridge testing. My favorite part of this project was creating the design of the bridge, says Giana. They have been performing the bridge project for over 32 years.

Building and Breaking Bridges

Braelyn Varner, Staff writer
December 16, 2021
ENTREPRENEURIAL WOLVES--Market Day arrives during lunch Dec. 22-23 in the DMHS mall. Prices range anywhere from $1 to $23 dollars and sometimes more.  About 45 teams are selling this year and each have at least one product.

Market daze

Ashley Hovendon, News editor
November 22, 2021
Vishwa Vashi works on her college essay during Mr. Shehs IB English IV class. Its tough--its a meticulous process. College essays (a different one for every college) applications, recommendations--its just a lot, said Vashi, who is hoping to attend Duke, but would be happy attending Arizona State University majoring in biology with a focus on neuroscience. But you get to know more about yourself. About 45 percent of this years seniors are hoping to attend a university out of state, according to a recent Wolfs Print poll.

Looking ahead

Ashley Hovendon, Staff writer
November 5, 2021

Sunrise, Sunset

October 19, 2021
ANXIETY ALERT- Returning from an online school year has triggered stress among students so far this year. “It feels like I have been stressed all the time,” said sophomore Binh Le, “I was nervous about making new friends and handling the workload of classes. If you are feeling stressed, school officials encourage you to see your counselor.

Stressed Students

Isabella Rayball, Staff Writer
October 5, 2021
IB Successful

IB Successful

Epiphany Valos, Staff writer
April 15, 2021
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