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Kara Hairston, Reporter

  "Mamba mentality" This is something that Kara Hairston strives to have in everything that she does. Kobe Bryant is her hero when it comes to sports. 

                Kara Hairston is a sophomore and this is her first year joining Wolfsprint. She is also an aspiring writer/ journalist who dreams of attending Columbia University. Kara has always been told she has a gift when it comes to writing and speaking to different types of people. She has joined journalism to acquire more skills and is drawn to this class because of her favorite show Gilmore Girls. Hairston doesn't have any other experience or published works when it comes to writing besides her English classes but she fully intends on jumping right in.

                 Family is something really important to her. Kara's family and her are really passionate about sports. Hairston enjoys playing competitive volleyball for Desert Mountain and Club. Kara owes all of her motivation of being a hard worker to her great-grandfather. She has never met him but he is the root of her motivation because she knows how hard he worked to make a name for himself and his family. Outside of sports and school she enjoys hanging out with her friends and family. Kara puts great effort into maintaining her friendships and knowing when her family needs her help.

                Her favorite book series growing up were the Narnia books. She loves the nostalgic feeling she gets from the series. Kara also likes them because she could relate her personality to the character Susan.

                Hairston’s goals for the future consist of playing volleyball at a D1 program and majoring in computer science. Overall, she wishes to be a medical director and make an impact on the world around me.   

                The part of Wolfsprint that she is most excited for is conducting interviews. Kara is so excited to jump right into Wolfsprint and work alongside the editors.

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Kara Hairston