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ENTREPRENEURIAL WOLVES--Market Day arrives during lunch Dec. 22-23 in the DMHS mall. Prices range anywhere from $1 to $23 dollars and sometimes more.  About 45 teams are selling this year and each have at least one product.
Claim Your Greatness
STATE CHAMPS--Olivia Prelog (12), Carly Johnson (11), Juliette Daigneault (9), Molly Wert (12), Marley Ransick (11), Kylie Ney (12), and Cameron Kelly (12) celebrate DMs mens and womens swim teams state titles.
A CAUTIONARY TALE--Though uneven, the national tour of Mean Girls still manages to please audiences, writes Olivia Brydon. Next up: My Fair Lady invades Gammage Dec. 7-12. For tickets, visit https://www.asugammage.com/myfairlady
ICONIC CLASSROOMS OF DM--Christopher Lessler will spotlight the classrooms that students say provide more than just a place to study and learn--but a place to live.
Market daze

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Market daze

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