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BOOK FROM SOMEWHERE: Tiffany Rosenhans debut novel Girl from Nowhere is a spy thriller about a teen girl who believes she is done with her hectic and dangerous past—only to find her past catching up with her. I love spy thrillers, said Rosenhan; I always wanted to explore the world. Rosenhan says she even contemplated joining the CIA at one point.
A CAPTIVATING PROJECT: DMs annual Project Captivate event is a platform for students to speak about what interests them. “Since Project Captivate is such a unique thing in the world, Taylor said, we need to make it a unique experience for attendants.” Taylor and many others are collaborating to organize this years Project Captivate, set to occur mid-May.
The Irony of an American Orwell
Kurt Vonnegut Library
Ukraine deserves support, DM students say

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Writing a path forward

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Two acts. Twenty-four dances. Two minutes each. As parents and friends anxiously await to see a dancer’s...



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