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SMILING INTO THE COMPETITION-Sophia Hartel (12) sprints through the tunnel before DMs 3-1 victory against Saguaro in September. Seeing all the fans was an amazing feeling, said Hartel, who plays both setter and defensive specialist. All that support for our team and spirit felt awesome. DM volleyball ended the season ranked 14th overall in the state.
To prepare for opening night of Pippin, seniors Sydney Grom, Charlie Lester, Swae Miller-Estabrook, Samantha Landay, Morgan Taylor, Len Wang, Jojo Miller, Shannon Gyger, Sawyer Furio, and freshman Josh Roga practice the song “Glory” as theatre director Mr. Willingham looks on.  “Gosh, there are thousands of musicals,” said Mr. Willingham, in his second year as DM’s theatre director, “and I would say that Pippin is in the top 50 musicals that are done hundreds, if not, thousands of times a year in this country,” says Mr.Shad, the play director. 

Pippin will open at 7 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 2 and will run through Nov. 5.
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According to a Wolfs Print poll, About 31 percent of students identified themselves as democrats, with 26 percent identifying themselves independents, and 6.4 percent as republicans. More than 26 percent of DM students said they’d “rather not say”, according to the poll--leading to concerns that political polarization may cause division on campus. “Lots of division, arguments will most likely take place,” said senior Julian Kimble, one of many students who responded to the question: “How do you think the election will impact the DM community?”
Peers politically polarized

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