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Madeline Plati, Reporter

Born and raised in Scottsdale, Maddie took journalism in 7nth and 8th Grade and really enjoyed it soon taking it in high school. She enjoys writing articles about entertainment and school related stories since she loves school pride. For a project she wrote a 300 word article about Van Gogh’s life and when he painted his most famous pieces. She enjoys writing for fun and also doing photography since her mother used to be a photographer and helped her take better photos. She still loves taking perfect angle shots of plants. Being excited to work on the newspaper she can not wait to write great stories and inform young readers about anything she can.  Inspirational writers that she enjoyed reading are Agatha Christie and C.S Lewis since she loved their books and some of her childhood favorites. Dana Terrace, a show writer, is one of the biggest inspirational people to Maddie since she loves how Ms.Terrace pushes for representations and how she does not let others stop her from writing what she feels in her heart. Maddie dreams to become a lawyer and help anyone she can in the future and one dream is to go to N.A.U for two years and then A.S.U for law school. She hopes to work in civil law in the future like her father does. One odd thing about her is that she enjoys doing paperwork and has experience in doing legal name change paperwork and how the system works for changing a person’s name online. While the pandemic was going on she stayed online for 7nth-8th grade and could not wait until she could start high school, and when 8th grade graduation came for Scottsdale Online Learning, she and another student were selected by the teachers to give a graduation speech at the event. She is currently taking Mr.Sheh’s journalism class and was excited when she heard she would get to be on the school's newspaper Wolf’s Print.

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To prepare for opening night of Pippin, seniors Sydney Grom, Charlie Lester, Swae Miller-Estabrook, Samantha Landay, Morgan Taylor, Len Wang, Jojo Miller, Shannon Gyger, Sawyer Furio, and freshman Josh Roga practice the song “Glory” as theatre director Mr. Willingham looks on.  “Gosh, there are thousands of musicals,” said Mr. Willingham, in his second year as DM’s theatre director, “and I would say that Pippin is in the top 50 musicals that are done hundreds, if not, thousands of times a year in this country,” says Mr.Shad, the play director. 

Pippin will open at 7 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 2 and will run through Nov. 5.

Poppin’ In For Pippin

Madeline Plati, Reporter
November 2, 2022
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Madeline Plati