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Gecko Got Goin’

Anne Williams, Reporter
March 6, 2024
MISCAST: From the left to right, Sophie Galitsky, Abigail Whyte, Sayde Neubeck, Emma Heintz, Cam Hall, Buddy Heintz, Ryan Flangos, Layla Gregory, Lola Elliot

Switching It Up!

Sophie Seratte, Reporter
February 1, 2024
IB Ball

IB Ball

January 26, 2024

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October 22, 2022
Cage the Bird! - DM students gather for a group photo prior to the DM v Chaparral football game My hope for this year is that we have a lot of opportunities for students to be involved on campus,” said Amy Hardy Students can choose from more than 50 clubs to join.

Active Wolves!

Anissa Matkin, Reporter
October 20, 2021
WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS: The Desert Mountain High School Arizona State Championship Pom Team: Jemma Burstein, Julia Goldesnson, Jenna Golucci, Anika Jaleeil, Parker Larazza, Kaylen Lucas, Jessica Marmis, Lauren McCarty, Mary Noyd, Brooke Quinzi, Donna Setyan, Maddie Voightmann, and Chloe Wallace. They captured the state title last month at the AIA State Qualifier Competition at Posten Butte High School.

Pep in their step

Chloe Allen, Staff writer
March 29, 2021
STILL A STIGMA: Between 10 and 20 percent of teens experience mental health conditions, according to the World Health Organization. “There still is a stigma but I would argue its not as strong as it used to be because people are more open about it, the media encourages [discussing] it more often,” said psychology teacher Ms. Onofry, “but there still definitely is a stigma.” Illustrator Nora Khaled used blank paper alcohol based markers and fine-tipped pens to create this illustration.

Mental Health Matters

Jordan Wright, Editor-in-Chief
January 28, 2021
BITTERSWEET VICTORY:  A 12-hour hike in freezing Icelandic weather left freshman Olivia Cullen feeling accomplished, but sad as her journey was coming to an end, said Olivia. Having to share half her food with her teammate Olivia said she was starving and looking forward to going home and eating the entire fridge.

A towering accomplishment

Abigail Whyte, Staff writer
November 18, 2020


Gabriela Chen, Staff writer
November 5, 2020
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