IBSA makes learning ‘a ball’

Club provides support, fun for IB students


Designed by Mel Robinson

I THINK, THEREFORE IB: The International Baccalaureate Student Association provides IB students social and academic support. “[School] becomes all the more easier when you have a support network to stick together with and help each other learn,” Mr. Rouhani said. Interested in joining IBSA? Contact: Semera Kimbel Sannit at [email protected] or Claryssa Dunigan at [email protected]

Isaac Williams, Staff writer

igorous courses. Hours of homework. Constant stress.

Because of the rigors of the International Baccalaureate program, students often feel they are all alone in the struggle. What if I need help with an assignment? What if I want to connect with other students? What if I just need to rant? 

The IB Student Association can help. 

“The IBSA is like a giant support system, it’s a way for us all to come together, because we’re all going through the same stuff,” said IBSA President Semera Kimbel Sannit (12). “It’s a lot easier to manage when you have your friends with you.” 

Mr. Rouhani, who co-sponsors the club along with Mr. Sheh, said the IB program is “exceedingly difficult.”

“That becomes all the more easier when you have a support network to stick together with and help each other learn,” Rouhani said.

The IBSA welcomes IB students of all grade levels, and is a safe place to connect with other students, find help with homework,  study for tests, talk with upperclassmen, and also join fun events such as the IB Ball. 

Kimbel Sannit, who has been in the club since her freshman year, said “being president is a whole different experience.

“I’ve had some big leadership roles in other clubs,” she said, “but this club is like 120 members and it’s a lot to manage, but it’s fun.” 

IBSA Vice President Claryssa Dunigan (12) said the IBSA provides members the opportunity to meet new people step out of their comfort zone.

“I had met a lot of the class of 2020,” Dunigan said, “and they were able to help me out so much, and they gave me lots of good advice.” 

The most important thing that the IBSA offers is a sense of family and community.

— Mr. Rouhani

Mr. Rouhani said IBSA also gives students opportunities to participate and plan events for the members of the association. 

“I really enjoy planning the events that we do and see how they turn out,” he said, adding that the collaboration IBSA offers helps what may almost impossible becomes a much smoother experience–and much more fulfilling and enjoyable one too. 

Projects and events promoted by the club help students connect. 

“There are six or seven different committees, and each one of them is in charge of different projects.” Said Mr. Rouhani. These projects include:

  • The Big Buddies committee, which helps upperclassmen support the underclassmen in academically and socially
  • Project Captivate, which is a series of TED-talk-like lectures and discussions given by the students for the students. 
  • And the IB Ball, which debuted last spring. 

“It [the IB Ball] was beautiful for many reasons,” Mr. Rouhani said, “it was a collaboration between the IB students association and the IB parent association, and it was just fun. 

“We all hung out and celebrated the program, and the seniors really worked to make it a legacy that lasted beyond them.”

Students and faculty agreed that the greatest gift IBSA offers its members is “a sense of family and community.” 

Should all IB students join IBSA?

“YES,” replied Kimbel Sannit and Dunigan resoundingly.