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Isaac Williams
Isaac Williams, In his short career of being a journalist, has had success with the  yearbook club in middle school with interviews and writing articles. He discovered his love for writing and journalism in 2018 when he got put in the yearbook class, and after that he hasn’t stopped writing. He has loved reading since he learned how to read, and he always strives to push himself to the next level. He decided to take journalism because of the creativity that he could do that he wasn’t able to do in his yearbook. He wants to get the most obscure and unpopular opinions on any topic and get as much diversity as possible in his articles and interviews. Now, he spends his time working in the Wolf’s Print and is looking forward to more journalism and creative writing opportunities at Desert Mountain. He joined Wolf’s Print because unlike yearbooks, he doesn’t have the stress of deadlines and certain articles he has to write. In the news, he can write articles and interview on whatever he wants, to whoever he wants. He is looking forward to having more freedom and having his own opinions and passions about topics in the news. If he continues writing,  He plans to go to college and focus his career on more writing and journalism. He wants to make books that are meaningful and can inspire others to write, like the books he often read when he was younger. He wants to make the world a better place and show other people how writing can change the world and how writing can help you express yourself and how it is an art.

Isaac Williams, Staff writer

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Isaac Williams