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Mr. Knox speaks to the group about the well

Nuremberg: 2022

Brody Roettger, Reporter
May 15, 2022
IB Successful

IB Successful

Epiphany Valos, Staff writer
April 15, 2021
I THINK, THEREFORE IB: The International Baccalaureate Student Association provides IB students social and academic support. “[School] becomes all the more easier when you have a support network to stick together with and help each other learn,” Mr. Rouhani said. Interested in joining IBSA? Contact:
Semera Kimbel Sannit at skimbelsannit92@susdgapps.org or Claryssa Dunigan at 

IBSA makes learning ‘a ball’

Isaac Williams, Staff writer
November 24, 2020
Eric Suerez and Tara Namie

Eric Suerez and Tara Namie

Leena Darwish, Managing Editor
December 4, 2019
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