Kaitlyn Antioco and Leo Sturino

Kaitlyn Antioco and Leo Sturino really appreciate the little things that life brings you.

Leena Darwish, Managing Editor

Kaitlyn Antioco is a senior at Desert Mountain and Choir Council President. Antioco performed all three nights of Coffee House. She performed I Wanna Dance with Somebody on Stage 1 on Wednesday, No Matter Where You Are with Madison Moore and Jenna Rodriguez on Stage 2 on Thursday, Come Home with Annie Angle on Stage 3/4, Little Things with Leo Sturino on Stage 1, Take Me or Leave Me with Angelica Martin and Dancing Queen with Angelica Martin and Vivian Vo on Stage 2 on Friday.

Leo Sturino is also a senior at Desert Mountain. Sturino likes to draw and sing. Leo performed Little Things with Kaitlyn Antioco on Stage 2 and Sycamore Girl with Angelica Martin on Stage 3/4.

Kaitlyn’s reason for performing: “I have been doing this event and been part of choir for all 4 years of high school. I’ve been singing all my life. So a lot of the songs I’m doing this year are a lot duets because there are a lot of people I want to sing with one last time before I go off to college.”

Leo’s reason for performing: “One of them is with my other friend Kaitlyn, and it’s because it’s our song and we’ve been friends since elementary school, so it’s kinda of our last senior thing, and the other one I’m doing is because me and my friend really like that song.”