Avante and Manvante

Avante and Manvante opening up with Java Jive.

Leena Darwish, Managing Editor

Avante performed Opening Up on Stage 2 and Java Jive with Manvante on Stage 2 on all three nights of Coffee House. Avante and Manvante have 27 members in total.

Kenndy Mengedoth’s reason for joining: “I joined, after starting at Ace, and then they said ‘come in for Avante’, and I wanna do all the singing I can”

Aiden Bryan’s reason for joining: “I sang in the choir in middle school and I kinda want to sing in a choir again, so one of my friends in choir, Jameson, said ‘hey you should join Manvante. It’s something you can do that’s not part of school’ and I was like ‘yeah I’ll join!”