Nawal and Zenaib Chami

Nawal and Zenaib Chami do not want to say something, they want to sing something.

Leena Darwish, Managing Editor

Nawal Chami, a senior sings with her younger sister, Zenaib Chami, a freshman, Say Something on Stage 3/4. Zenaib Chami, who plays Gold and Taekwondo, also sang This is Home on Stage 3/4 with Madie Hepner.

Nawal’s reason for performing: “We choose to perform that song, because it’s been one of my family’s favorites, since we were little, and it’s my last year at Desert Mountain and I really wanted to sing a song that connected to both of us, so we choose Say Something, because we have a real close connection with it and our family.”

Zenaib’s advice for wanting to audition for Coffee House: “Do it, Go for it. It’s not as bad as you think, you shouldn’t be as nervous, it’s not scary. Everyone is so nice and it totally pays off in the end.”