Nikita Anand and Derek Naaf

Nikita Anand and Derek Naaf performing a Joji hit in the dark.

Leena Darwish, Managing Editor

Nikita Anand is a senior at Desert Mountain and Choir Council Vice President. As Vice President she plans all the choir events. On Thursday, Anand performs Bellyache with Jenna Rodriguez on Stage 1, Out of my Head with Jenna Rodriguez and Madison Moore on Stage 2, Slowing Dancing in the Dark with Derek Naaf, and I Love You with Vivian Vo and Zach Robertson on Stage 3/4. Derek Naaf is also a senior at Desert Mountain. This was his first and last year performing at Coffee House.

Nikita’s reason for performing: “My solo song was Slow Dancing in the Dark and i chose this song because this is the song that really makes me think and my interpretation of the song makes me feel closer to the music. 

Derek’s reason for performing: “Both of us really like that song, and the artist Joji. And one day, Nikita actually came up to me and she goes ‘do you know how to play this song’ and I go ‘no, but I can learn’ and then we both decided to do Coffee House because it’s both our favorite song.”

Derek’s advice for others wanting to audition for Coffee House: “Don’t be scared and know your material before hand.”