Brooke McKeever and Daniel Marchant

Brooke McKeever and Daniel Marchant perform with chemistry on their minds.

Leena Darwish, Managing Editor

Brooke McKeever is in drama club, and multiple ensemble,  such as marching band, concert band and jazz band. Daniel Marchant is a junior at Desert mountain and takes a lot of fine art classes. They both performed Chlorine on Thursday night, Stage 3/4.

Brooke’s reason for performing: “I will be performing Chlorine by Twenty One Pilots, and it’s definitely one of my favorite bands of all time. They have done so much for me, and Chlorine, in particular, there is an acoustic version. So I got a pianist, Daniel, who was very quick to learn the song, and we were able to practice it a bit and I’m very excited.

Daniel’s advice for others wanting to audition for Coffee House: “Don’t be scared because the people aren’t scary.”