Chloe Lopez

Chloe Lopez knows what she wants.

Leena Darwish, Managing Editor

Chloe Lopez is a Junior in Desert Mountain. She has been in choir for 6 years and is interested in criminology. Lopez performs All I Want on Wednesday night, on Stage 3/4.

Reason for performing: “All I Want is a song was a song I heard in 2015, and I was really in a tough space, dealing with depression, anxiety, and all that stuff. It was a song I connected to somehow, and I just loved it, and just ‘hey, it’s almost my fourth year, I’m about to leave, let me do a song that I connected with and is almost me.”

Advice for others wanting to audition for Coffee House: “Pick a song you love and won’t get tired of, because you will be practicing for a while, like 3 weeks straight, so practice a song you love and won’t get tired of, make sure you have reliable people to practice with, so that way they don’t dip last minute, and just have fun.”