Isabella Knowles and Andrew Pena

Andrew Pena and Isabella Knowles are the new and improved Mark Ronson and Amy Winehouse.

Leena Darwish, Managing Editor

Isabella Knowles loves to sing and Andrew Pena loves to play guitar. Knowles and Pena perform a duet with the song Valerie, and perform Still Into You with Jenna Rodriguez on Wednesday night, on Stage 2. Andrew also plays Forgiveness with Kennedy Mengedoth on Stage 2.

Andrew’s reason for performing Valerie: “We were playing Valerie for audition and we liked it, so we started rehearsal near the end and then we did Still Into You, because Jenna texted me and said ‘hey you should play guitar for me.’”

Isabella’s reason for performing: “We love Paramore for a long time, all 3 of us, and it’s definitely one of your favorite bands. It’s bonded us. I think my friend had a really good idea for harmonies and stuff for the song, and we were like ‘let’s do it’.”

Isabella’s advice for others wanting to audition for Coffee House: “If you don’t do it, you are definitely going to regret it. It is such a great experience, and honestly there is nothing better than music, it is such a wonderful source to have in your life. It’s also a very bonding thing that will connect you with the people you are playing with. So, don’t be scared just go for it.”