Console Conflict

PS5 outpacing Xbox Series 10 in early battle of the gaming platforms


Illustration by Nora Khaled

THIS BATTLE NO GAME: These new consoles, which are much differently shaped and sized than their older counterparts, are battling it out. While it may seem like these platforms are vastly different and against each other, they are very similar (each sells for about $499) and phenomenal in different ways. According to, PS5 is outpacing Xbox in both the United States and Europe during the opening weeks of sales–1.4 million to 998,000 in the U.S., and about 1.5 million to 481,000 in Europe.

Isaac Williams, Staff Writer

It’s that time again. New gaming consoles are released, and the age-old question arises.

Which console should I purchase?

The brand-new PS5 and Xbox Series X are the topic of discussion these days. Let’s start with the basics. The PS5 was released on Nov. 12, and the Xbox Series X was released on Nov. 10. They both cost $499. Both were highly anticipated, and as of right now, they are sold out. But according to Best Buy, more are coming soon. To compare some of the numbers, the PS5 has nearly doubled the Xbox Series X in sales, according to

So far, these consoles appear to be pretty evenly matched. But when it comes to actual performance and ability, that’s where there seems to be some differentiation. 

AMD, a company that makes high-end parts for gaming PCs, has partnered with Xbox to achieve better graphics, faster loading times, and better performance overall. 

There are also specific games that are exclusive to each console. The highly anticipated Spider-Man: Miles Morales game is only available for PS5 owners, and Microsoft plans on releasing games such as Ark 2 only on the Xbox. 

“I would get the Xbox Series X for many reasons,” said freshman Ethan Kelly. “I currently own an Xbox, and I know how it works. It would be too much hassle to get a PS5, and I don’t want to rebuy all my games.”

Gamers previous experiences can also be a big factor contributing to the decision, students said.

“I am used to the controller of the Xbox,” Kelly said, “and the specs of it are better than the PS5.” 

The Xbox Series X has a more boxy, bulkier shape than their earlier consoles, which may be an indication that Microsoft wants to move away from the type of TV consoles that they have been making and towards making a more desktop computer tower type of console.

Gamers seeking a more budget friendly option for a computer might consider the Xbox Series X, because it has great performance for a reasonable price.

However, gamers who prefer a sleeker design that would work better on a TV might opt for a PS5

“I think the PS5 would be better size wise, as the Xbox is really big,” said freshman Karlie Czyz, who were among the 13 percent of students who indicated they preferred PS5 in a Wolf’s Print poll last month.

Matthew Fertig (9), said gamers shouldn’t invest in PS5, Xbox, or any gaming platform, for that matter. “If you’re dropping that kind of money on gaming,” Fertig said, “you should just build a pc.” 

Another problem with these different consoles is cross-platform gaming, a term for games that can be played with friends who are on different platforms. Most games, however, are not cross platform. These new consoles will ideally push forward cross-platform games, and that will be a step in the right direction.

The PS5 and the Xbox Series X both appear to be pretty powerful, and a big stride forward in the console industry. There really is no objective “better console” as it comes down mostly to preference.

“They’re both good options if anyone is looking to upgrade,” Fertig said, “and they are a step up compared to the older models.”