‘My name is Mr. Becker’

‘Asset to the DM staff’ a favorite among DM students, staff


THE HISTORY OF MR. BECKER: Mr. Becker is captured in a variety of moments as he teaches is AP History and AP Gov classes. “Mr. Becker is such an optimistic person, it definitely spreads to the students in any of the classes he has had all year,” said Gabriela Chen.

Isabella Rayball, Staff writer

Desert Mountain, since opening its doors 27 years ago, has seen its fair share of teachers come and go.

Three years ago Charles Becker got hired by the school to teach history, and has left a mark that touches all his students and fellow staff.

“I knew early on that I wanted to be a high school teacher,” said Mr.Becker, who teaches AP World History and AP Government to DM sophomores and seniors. “I enjoy the process of teaching and learning and I like to make connections with people through learning about our history.” 

Mr. Becker knew a friend who had been teaching her a few years and recommended DM as “a great place to work. A position opened up three years ago and I applied.”

Becker said that was “the best decision [he] ever made.”

“My parents didn’t attend college but they knew the value of it,” said Mr. Becker, “so they encouraged me to do everything I could to get a degree from a four year university.”

Mr. Becker’s degree has helped his attain the life he has now, but it hasn’t been without it’s challenges. 

“Affording a comfortable life and raising children in the 21st century on a teacher’s salary is a challenge,” said Mr. Becker, “You just have to be smart with where and how you spend your money, and I have to help my children make sensible steps to afford their post-secondary educations since the cost of college is out of control these days.”

Mr. Becker perseveres through all of this and has maintained his love for teaching. 

“ Connecting with people, learning from them, sharing a common experience–teaching makes me feel more human. I like that,” Mr. Becker said.

Mr. Becker manages to keep his students engaged and excited about his class and what they are learning. 

Inside the Classroom

Mr. Becker’s class is a very safe place to explore and learn,” said Katherine Funk, one of the students in Becker’s AP World class. 

“He lets us talk to each other when completing some assignments and helps us study for our tests by making it fun with a review game.”

Mr. Becker tries to make class fun for the students with games and jokes, keeping them laughing throughout the class period. He also ensures that they are prepared for tests, including the AP ones. 

“I ask a lot of questions when it comes to studying for the tests,” said Katie, “and he does his best to explain it or give a brief summary on what it is.”

Teaching makes me feel more human. I like that.

— Mr. Becker

Mr. Becker “really understands his students,” said Gabriela Chen, a senior who is enrolled in both Becker’s history classes.

“Mr. Becker has really helped me create connections across different time periods,” she said, “which really helps me understand the content better. “

Becker helps students in and outside the classroom learn important lessons, and show how to have fun in life. 

“The most important lesson I have learned from Mr. Becker is to have fun in life and with learning,” Chen said. “He is such an optimistic person, it definitely spreads to the students in any of the classes he has had all year. He makes the learning experience fun.”

An Asset to All

Mr. Becker is not only an asset to students, but to the other teachers and staff members at Desert Mountain. 

When I asked him if he would be the department leader,” said Dr. Hirsch, principal at DM, “he stepped right up and felt that he could do the job well and he respects teachers and their needs.”

Mr. Becker has taken great pride in his job and loves teaching the students at DM all about history.

“Connecting with people, learning from them, sharing a common experience,” said Mr. Becker, “That is the reason I love teaching,”