New Year. New Wolves.

A closer look at what Wolves want to see for themselves, and for DM in the new year


Art by Sophia Good

RESOLUTE WOLVES — Around the world millions of people set annual goals for themselves. Around 75 percent of DM students participate in making resolutions. What are they, and how can we ensure they’re reached?

Sophia Good, Staff Writer

Exercise. Healthier relationships. Quit bad habits.

New Year’s resolutions are usually made, then quickly forgotten. The DM community this year seems a bit more ambitious. 

“Continue to build the connections and relationships between students and their teachers,” said DM Principal Dr. Lisa Hirsch, “in order to customize the learning.”

Prioritizing students’ education further by drawing classrooms closer together is at the top of her list for DM’s future.

While a close environment is crucial, a healthy environment has a big role as well.

“I am also hoping for new rules about quarantine,” Hirsch said, “something that is safe and functional for all.”

Though the birth of coronavirus is getting further from us, its effects still linger throughout our school. What can we do to reach this goal of a safer environment?

“[To] continue to be mindful of the larger community of people who come through the doors each day.”

While some of these factors are not entirely under our control, others are.

“My goal for DM in the new year would be for more acceptance and kindness,” said Mrs. Lelli, DM’s French teacher.

 A safe, welcoming and non-judgemental environment is crucial to a student’s academic success. To reach this goal, she said, “we can embrace each other’s differences and support each other as a school.”

In the new year, this is an extremely important aspect of school that wolves should work hard to express.

Aside from goals for DM itself, what do Wolves have in store for themselves come 2022?

“Stop procrastinating,”, said DM senior Jagun Raghavan, “but I’ll procrastinate it until next year.”

Irony flows throughout New Year’s resolutions, but effort is effort.

And with that, comes academic success and self improvement. 

In the new year, or even earlier, as a school it’s a constant hope to see both. 

Many students, like freshman Braelyn Varner, prioritize “[maintaining] grades so I [don’t rush] to get them up at the end of the school year.”