The road to center stage

Dance prepares weeks in advance to give a spectacular performance


Courtesy of Liza Noriega

DDC poses for a photograph as they rehearse the annual “Baby it’s cold outside” dance. “I love dance because it gives my life structure, there’s also just something wonderful about watching people express things through moment.” said Amanda Ortega (11) (left-right) Amanda Ortega (11) Laura Nickson (12) Maddy Singer ()Ariana Andaracia (9) Laura Wang (12) Jordan Gauthier (10)

Anissa Matkin, Staff writer

Two acts. Twenty-four dances. Two minutes each.

As parents and friends anxiously await to see a dancer’s performance, backstage is hectic with costumes changes and last-minute rehearsal. 

Sarah Douglas (12) and Jordan Gauthier (10), co-presidents of DM’s Dance Council, said all decisions regarding shows and their preparation are collaborative.

“Jordan and I make sure that all of council knows what their job is for the show,” Douglas said, “and how they can be an outlet for the whole dance program so that our show is the best it can be.”

The Desert Dance Company, DDC, takes the program’s best performers to travel across the Valley, performing for different businesses and residents. 

While I didn’t expect DDC to be easy, it is a lot harder than I expected it to be.

— Amanda Ortega

“It’s going great, it’s a small group with a bunch of different girls, and yet we all get along really well,” said Amanda Ortega (11), who is in her first year of DDC and third year of dance. “While I didn’t expect DDC to be easy, it is a lot harder than I expected it to be.”

Stage manager Ginevera Suro (11), who took over from last year’s senior, Claudia Hall, said she’s ready for whatever happens.

“I try to be as prepared as I can such as memorizing how dances end to call the cues on time,” said Suro, who opened her first show last month. “My main concern is just feeling comfortable with being the one who calls the shots.” 

During the show there were sound errors but after a small interruption the show was back on.

Break a leg!
Ginevra Suro (11) and Grazia Caramucci (10) run the show from backstage. “I do feel prepared for tonight since we’ve already done one day of the show, so usually the second night feels a lot better.” said Suro. (Courtesy of Liza Noriega )

As Suro prepares to open the show, Sofia Lauricella (11) greets guests as house manager. Lauricella inspects guests to be sure they have their mask and a ticket.

“My biggest concern is the guests that are stubborn about our mask rules,” she said, “although it does not happen often.”

Even with small mishaps with guests, everything runs smoothly. 

“There is a lot of communication between us and the rest of the people working the show in order for it to run smoothly,” Lauricella said. “The most difficult part of the job is balancing it while also performing in the show and helping out backstage.”