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Brody Roettger

Brody Roettger, Reporter

Brody Roettger, a freshman at DMHS was born in Phoenix, Arizona. His achievements include being a good goalie in soccer, and an excellent first baseman in baseball, not too many years ago. He was stuck in the outfield for too many years, so he asked the coach if he can play 1st or third, and those two were his favourite positions to date. He has never written anything for anyone but enjoys stories related to the military or law enforcement. He is(or was, it is unknown whether this organization still exists due to no emails being received) of the Scottsdale Youth Corps where he volunteered for the Scottsdale Police Barn and worked with some amazing officers and wranglers there. He likes watching the news is related to the military or law enforcement which most likely contributes to why he joined the journalism class. Currently, his goals for the future in life are to enlist into the United States Marine Corps after high school, work his way up to Lance Corporal where he will volunteer for the Scout-Sniper Program, and if he graduates that, he will serve out his contract and either extend it or leave it. After the Marine Corps, he plans to join the local Sheriffs Office, whether that’s in Arizona or wherever, then after a year or so, apply to become a K9 officer and continue that career for as long as possible. He has always and will always love his country, and will defend it and its people until he can no longer serve. He does not have any social media platforms and does not feel comfortable sharing his phone number with the public, so his school email address is [email protected]. The email stated is the best way to get in contact with Brody.

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Nuremberg: 2022

Brody Roettger, Reporter
May 15, 2022
KICKER - The 10th Mountain Division returns to New York from Afghanistan in a C-17 Globemaster from Afghanistan. This issue could develop into a future problem, as more terrorist attacks could happen around the world., writes columnist Brody Roettger. The United States has since sent 3,000 troops back into Afghanistan.

In or out?

Brody Roettger, Journalist
October 8, 2021
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Brody Roettger