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Katie Kustudia

Katie Kustudia, Editor-In-Chief

Katie Kustudia is a writer and editor-in-chief here at Wolf's Print. She will be graduating in May of 2020 and has spent the past two years of her high school career as a committed member of the school’s newspaper. She is also co-president of Dance Council and a member of Spanish National Honors Society and National Honors Society for Dance Arts.

At Wolf's Print, she write all kinds of stories. Her favorite types of stories to write are ones that focus on the opinions of the students and teachers on topics that affect everyone's lives, both academically and just in general. Whatever the topic may be, she tries her hardest to ensure that all voices and perspectives are shared.

She joined Wolf's Print for several reasons, the main one being that journalism is her passion.

"There’s just something about the truthful, to-the-point style of storytelling that I admire so strongly; I could spend all day generating story ideas and editing", she says.

She plans on taking the knowledge she's acquired from Wolf's Print and using it to the fullest next fall once she's majoring in Journalism.

"As of right now, I would love to get into TV broadcast journalism and be an anchor on a news channel, but in all honesty I am open to many other types of careers- I know that as long as I’m working in journalism, I’ll be happy."

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Katie Kustudia