Welcome to the new-look Wolf’s Print

Katie Kustudia, Editor-in-chief

Welcome to our new look Wolf’s Print!

At Wolfsprint, we are committed to telling it like it is. Our staff, comprised of high school students with a passion for journalism, write pieces about topics that not only affect Desert Mountain High School, but also the community, state, nation, and world. 

Here, the prioritization of ethics, the cultivation of an honest community, and the accentuated importance of the role journalists play in our world are concepts that hold the utmost significance to us. We work hard to ensure our journalism is current and accurate.

This year, Wolf’s Print has undergone a sizeable change– we’ve gone digital. Current events are ever-evolving; to keep up with the fast-paced world of journalism, we have moved our newspaper to an online platform–which will enable us to deliver news that is not only timely, but relevant.

But to do that, we need your help. Let us know what is important to you. Did you like a story? Not like a story? Are we not covering news that is important to you? Let us know. 

Because although we are the writers, this is your paper!