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DM students navigate school activities with Covid


Courtesy of Wolf Den

Cage the Bird! – DM students gather for a group photo prior to the DM v Chaparral football game “My hope for this year is that we have a lot of opportunities for students to be involved on campus,” said Amy Hardy Students can choose from more than 50 clubs to join.

Anissa Matkin, Reporter

In the spring of 2020 DM students were informed of a two-week break because of Covid-19. However, the celebration of no school quickly faded as schools nationally began closing their doors; DM would follow suit after a week of student isolation.

Since then, students and staff have returned to school for a fresh start, still cautious of the virus. With life returning somewhat back to normal, students are now once more being given the opportunity to join clubs and participate in school activities. 

“My hope for this year is that we have a lot of opportunities for students to be involved on campus,” said Amy Hardy, assistant principal and activities coordinator at DM. “ I think it’s another interesting year with [wearing] masks and [we] still have to be careful and mindful that the pandemic is still going on.”

Meanwhile, DM clubs are cautiously opening their doors to new and old members.

 “I’m excited for all the new members and events we have this year,” ambassador club vice president Emily Staffo (11) said.. “ I don’t have any concerns right now.”

Ms. Hardy said the next major school event, homecoming, was scheduled toward the end of October.

“The reason why we picked the end of October [was] so we could do a harvest theme,” Hardy said. “And I know Dias de los Muertos is around that time, so we’re kinda gonna combine all the fall holidays and stuff and use that as a theme.” 

This year’s venue will be at the school to capitalize on the school’s resources and ensure a profitable school year, Hardy said.

Some students have expressed concern that the cost of a homecoming dance ticket–$30 in advance at the bookstore and $35 at the door–is excessive, considering the lack of overhead.

“I’m happy [we] are going back to normal despite covid still hanging around, I would like to attend homecoming” said an anonymous student. “I’m excited for prom and graduation,” said another. STUGO and DM facility will hopefully confirm these events in the coming months for students to look forward to. 

DM dance students gather for an annual Brest cancer awareness fundraiser. “I thought [the fundraiser] was fun and educational” said Gin Suro. (Courtesy of Liza Noriega)

The last few years have been difficult, with the help of STUGO and staff here at DM we will have fun and safe events for us to enjoy. As Mrs.Hardy said “I feel like there’s a lot that we can do now as opposed to not being able to do anything… I think activities are best when you’re in person and now that we’ve learned a lot more about the pandemic and how we can still operate it has made it a lot easier.”