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Katie Hofmann

Katie Hofmann, Staff writer

Katie Hofmann has not won any awards for her writing, or maybe she has if you count the “best weekly writer” in Ms. May’s 3rd grade English class. Her love for writing was sparked up by her 1st grade teacher, Mrs. Robinson. She would always support Katie in her writings even if it was only a simple simile or metaphor about dogs. She soon then realized that her love for writing would also help her in the future when her talent would be counted and graded. Katie is not a big reader by any means; she actually has a disdain for it at times. She has to force herself to sit down and read a nine page article for history, but usually finds the main idea in the first three pages and stops there if she can. Journalism appealed to Katie because in true Katie Hofmann fashion, she can get into people’s business and ask odd questions about their life; (P.S, she also likes a little drama). This time she can actually write about a topic of her choice, just like how she could in first grade. To be completely honest, Katie doesn’t know if writing is her future; she knows that she would like to be a high school teacher for English or history, though. She aspires to be the teacher that gets told all the high school gossip, and when a kid’s parent asks who their favorite teacher is, I hope they say “Ms. Hofmann”.

She would like to leave a lasting impact on her future possible students just like her seventh grade history teacher, Mr.Quest did; he is the biggest part of why she wants to become a teacher. Her goals for college are to get an athletic scholarship for softball and get her degree and start student teaching as soon as possible, she doesn’t know where exactly she wants to go to college yet, but she knows that she will end up in the correct place eventually in the end.

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Katie Hofmann