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Christopher Lessler, Managing editor

Christopher Lessler is a junior at Desert Mountain High School. Ever since he was born (okay, maybe not that early), he has had a pronounced passion for both reading and writing. He does not fully remember how his love for language commenced, but he does recall The Magic Treehouse being one of his childhood favorite book series (not that he actually remembers much from the plot…). He has continued to satisfy his desire to read by devouring hundreds upon hundreds of books, perhaps even thousands of them; numbers are weird and Christopher does not understand them. More recently, he has become a published writer, starting with a relatively informal school paper at his previous school. This is Christopher’s third year writing for Wolf’s Print, although he must admit that sounds a bit deceiving; he started right at the beginning of the pandemic, during his freshman year, so he has spent a year and a few months writing for Wolf’s Print thus far. During his time with the school newspaper, he has written several articles ranging from covering the state champion of a Shakespeare competition to reporting information about the course selection and scheduling processes. Christopher plans to continue writing articles for Wolf’s Print during his final two years at Desert Mountain, and hopefully obtain an editor position. After graduation, Christopher plans to abandon all those who have helped him and move to the Netherlands, where he desires to study urban planning at some random Dutch university. However, Christopher also pretends to acknowledge the importance of focusing on the present and living in the moment, and so his more immediate concerns include continuing to write for the school paper, becoming published in the mystifying realm of creative writing, and even actually making contributions to the Desert Mountain environment. If you are bored for some reason and thus wish to contact Christopher, he is best reachable at his school email, [email protected]. Yes, he checks it regularly; thank you for asking.

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A CAPTIVATING PROJECT: DMs annual Project Captivate event is a platform for students to speak about what interests them. “Since Project Captivate is such a unique thing in the world, Taylor said, we need to make it a unique experience for attendants.” Taylor and many others are collaborating to organize this years Project Captivate, set to occur mid-May.

Captivating an audience

Christopher Lessler, Staff Writer
April 25, 2022
ICONIC CLASSROOMS OF DM--Christopher Lessler will spotlight the classrooms that students say provide more than just a place to study and learn--but a place to live.

An artist’s alcove

Christopher Lessler, Staff writer
April 19, 2022
ICONIC CLASSROOMS OF DM--Christopher Lessler will spotlight the classrooms that students say provide more than just a place to study and learn--but a place to live.

Colorful Classroom

Christopher Lessler, Staff writer
November 10, 2021

One-computer schoolhouse

Christopher Lessler, Staff writer
October 16, 2020
Bringin the Bard

Besting the Bard

Christopher Lessler, Staff writer
May 15, 2020
ONLINE HIJINX--Senior IB English students change hats and costumes to energize a Socratic seminar. Online learning its definitely a different style of education, so Ive had to use my time management skills to make sure I am completing all my assignment on my own time, said Jessica Keane, who adopted Mr. Shehs persona (bottom right). In terms of dealing with the changes, my friends and I are finding ways to make learning fun, from costume changes during zoom calls all the way to online baking class with each others new recipes. From top left to bottom right: Cate Jung, Mr. Sheh, Sarah Glomski, Nawal Chami, Imogen Brooks, Megan Yarnall, Katelynn Lewallen, Ella Hannah, Caroline Tetlow, Taylor Rhodes, and Jessica Keane (also as Mr. Sheh).

DM Online

Christopher Lessler, Staff writer
April 13, 2020
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Christopher Lessler