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Brianne Chareau, Staff Writer

Brianne has been writing since the moment she could. Her grandmother still has the first book she ever wrote: a book on Superman and his powers. To this day, she still loves writing and superheroes. The best photos are the ones that aren’t staged but are random. She took a photography class that truly set her up for both loving and understanding photography. Then her freshman year she would be the publicist for InkBlot, a writers club here at DM. This year she is the president of InkBlot. The first camera she would ever use was an old-school polaroid camera. She believes that the true magic of a photo is that it can have so many meanings and can be interrupted in so many different ways that only the most skilled writers can copy. Photography is a way to ground herself in the moment and forget about the past and what’s to come while writing is a way for her to process her life in a way she can explain to others and even to herself. 

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Brianne Chareau