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Ashley Hovendon

Ashley Hovendon, Reporter

Ashley Hovendon is a junior and this is her first year being a part of the DMHS news Wolf’s Print. Ashley has always had a passion for writing and decided to take on a reporting position for her first year of the Desert Mountain newspaper. 

Ashley won the speech and debate competition at Cheyenne Traditional School as a middle schooler. One strong aspect in Ashley’s writing is as soon as she picks a side, she develops an urge to make everyone agree with that side and will not stop until everyone agrees with it.

She enjoys playing soccer and track for Desert Mountain and got fourth in state during her sophomore season for the 800 meter dash. Outside of her school and sports life, she enjoys spending time with her friends and family and enjoys it even more if ice cream is involved.

Ever since elementary school, writing has come easiest to her and she would always look forward to it, whether it was about herself, a topic she just learned, etc.. Her inspiration to become a writer came from her mom, who edited her essays and showed her the different techniques to write properly, which intrigued Ashley and her goal was always to write as well as her mother did to make her proud. The feeling of her mother saying what she had written was "excellent" felt like a drug and Ashley constantly craves that saying about her writing from others to this day.

Her goals consist of running track in college and majoring in journalism. Some possible schools she is considering are NAU and ASU, or any out of state school that is easy on the snow and offers a track and journalism program. OveralL, she hopes to be a writer for the news and influence young writers to keep focusing on their goals and never shy away from writing when there is something to be said. 

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Ashley Hovendon