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Isabella Taylor
Isabella Taylor is a writer for Desert Mountain’s Wolf Print. She is in the class of 2021 and this is her first year as an editor for the school newspaper. Ever since she was in Elementary school, she eagerly awaited the days where her teachers assigned creative writing prompts to work on in class. However, she is no longer writing her own version of Coraline over and over (yes, she did watch that movie once a week and yes, she did twist every assigned prompt to write about getting stuck in another world after finding a secret door). Once she got stuck in the habit of only writing literary analyses for english classes, she realized she desperately needed an outlet that would allow her to write about things she truly enjoyed again.

Her love for writing has always been with her, writing stories about getting stuck in the board game “CandyLand” and moving across the country throughout elementary and middle school. She stopped actively pursuing it after middle school however as she could never find the time to write. She has since decided to prioritize writing and make time for it. She also may or may not be trying to channel her inner Rory Gilmore… Anyway, she also enjoys bringing projects together and working everyday to be a better writer. 

Though Bella plans on pursuing a career in medicine, she has always loved writing and it has always been a goal to write for a school newspaper and plans on doing so in college as well. She is also anticipating taking creative writing classes throughout her years at University. She is very passionate about the artistic aspects of writing and loves when her ideas click and finally form (somewhat) comprehensive sentences. She is excited to apply the years of learning essay structure to real articles!

Isabella Taylor, Staff writer

Oct 14, 2020
A latte fun (Story)
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Isabella Taylor