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Bonvehi, Thomas

Thomas Bonvehi, Staff writer

There’s been a lot that made me want to do journalism, however, it wasn’t always this way. I  always wanted to be a sports player, only to then try and be a sports announcer. I originally planned on aiming for sports announcer and aiming for it, but I decided to aim for sports journalism as it wasn’t as difficult, but also writing is a strong suit. I don’t have any awards, but a lot of people at Monte Vista High School, which is a small high school in Simi Valley in California, really enjoyed my work. It’s also been somewhat of an outlet to deal with my behind the scenes. I plan to get a degree in journalism and go from there. I only have my college degree planned, but I definitely plan to go farther, as I’m really going for journalism, but on a much wider scale. I’d love to write about the NFL, since I love the sport, but the World Cup or soccer news would also be beneficial for me as I love it as well. There isn’t much more I can really add, as I found the love of journalism via sports, and have taken it and run with it since. I’m not one to focus on local news, so that may be a challenge, but I know it’s one I can take on.

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Thomas Bonvehi