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"If you are reading this, you may be wondering who I am..."

Kaden Ouimet is a freshman at Desert Mountain High School, his preferred news font is Georgia and journalism as well as writing are both passions and hobbies (but certainly not careers) of his, Kaden is currently in the process of writing two novels, one of which he put thought into for quite some time and is now in the works, while the other has just been started. Along with journalism, writing novels is a predominant side hobby and he always enjoys writing, no matter what it's for or about.

Since the age of eight, Kaden has been captivated by the "freedom of expression that journalists have enjoyed since our nation’s inception," determined to utilize this freedom, Kaden organized and founded a newspaper of his own; and without adult influence, he approached a group of his close and loyal companions, whom agreed to join, and with that: he had managed to gather a following of eight like-minded students who brought many revolutionary ideas to the table. His first release of his first ever newspaper was on November 9th 2016, the day after the national election results came in, and with that: the newspaper grew to serve a community of over 500 people. Over the next few months, the Branches Times thrived and its staff members increased to twelve, then twenty, and eventually, the Times sustained itself with the numerous advertisements that were streaming in and one homemade pizza sale!

Though Kaden's little newspaper was growing rapidly, he wished to go in pursuit of greater and more ambitious idea; so, after making some changes to the paper, he handed over ownership off to one of his editors.

After leaving the Times, Kaden took a semester long journalism class taught by a former reporter of the Arizona Republic. The class helped the naive boy gain a proper understanding of the operations of a paper. And with that newfound knowlegde, Kaden set off to apply it in the communities he is and has been a part of.
Kaden's religious center is home to over two-thousand community members and that is where he decided that he would start his next newspaper. Gathering another team of friends and passionate youth, Kaden qickly found the ins and outs and decided that: if he wanted his new newspaper to advance to a higher level, he would need publishers, not his mother's printer. So he set out and searched the web endlessly for an affordable and dedicated group of publishers that had a printing press and a great customer relations team that may be able to give him discounts and deals on occasion, and eventually he found one, in Birmingham, Alabama. Later that week, Kaden published his first edition of his second newspaper.






Kaden is currently at it again attempting to create a larger newspaper by allocating funds and gathering a staff of friends and compatriots as well as a base readership. In his own words, he expresses hope for the future of his massive hobby, as he states: "I do hope my endeavors succeed as I work on my passion and my most recent paper: The World Observer."

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