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Braelyn Varner

Braelyn Varner, a 14-year-old freshman, has taken several honors classes and has received an above average grade in all of them. She did competitive All Star cheer for many years, making it to nationals and winning multiple competitions along the way. They have always done very well with their writing classes in the past years, passing all of them with A’s or B’s. She doesn’t write a lot, but she does enjoy doing it when its for herself, mainly writing fiction but also non fiction on topics that are interesting to her. She has never written for someone or for a newspaper but has plans to for the time that she is in high school. Her imagination sparked from a young child who was always day dreaming and making up stories in their head. What's different now? She puts those thoughts into words on a paper.

Characters in favorite television shows also has sparked Braelyn's interest in writing.  She would take the characters from the show and create a different storyline of them in her head, which gave her the idea to write down these scenarios. Her main goal is to write for herself and not really publish any stories or show anyone as they are for her own self (except for Wolf's Print, of course). She plans to attend college to be a cardiothoracic surgeon or child physiatrist, as she has wanted to be some kind of doctor since a very young age. Though she have never imagined themselves in a career involving writing, it will still be in her heart and she will continue to write as a hobby.

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Braelyn Varner