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Shearel Cohen is a staff writer at Desert Mountain's newspaper organization, Wolfsprint. Having joined in the second half of her Junior year, she is excited to further explore her interest in writing.

Since a young age, Shearel has always held an unusual interest of talking to strangers. While this has naught to do with writing, Wolfsprint has provided her with a means to pursue this interest. With a curious mind and an adventurous spirit, she strives to discover and share the unique qualities of every individual.

When she isn't doing homework or hanging around DM, Shearel spends her time avidly binge-watching her favorite shows. She may be a shy introvert but when you get to know her, she won't stop talking. If you are looking for a friend or someone to talk to, be sure to find her somewhere around the school.

Shearel is graduating in 2021 and although she isn't set on a major, she trusts that life will work out in the end. "Life is a journey," she said "and I'm just a hitchhiker."

Shearel Cohen, Staff Writer

May 18, 2020
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Shearel Cohen