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Christopher Lessler
Christopher Lessler is a Desert Mountain freshman who will be graduating in 2023. He is only in his first year at Wolf’s Print, though he plans on staying in journalism for the remainder of high school. He is also a member of the Key Club.

He joined Wolf’s Print for many reasons. Perhaps the biggest reason is his long-standing love of writing that has continued to endure year after year, though another considerable reason is that he has also wanted to get more involved in the school’s community. Before journalism, his only extracurricular activity was the Key Club, so joining journalism has helped him build a spot for himself within the school.

Christopher is most interested in writing about stories that are relevant to the Desert Mountain community, allowing himself to learn about his school while also creating relatable stories for other students.

As of right now, he does not have any plans for after high school. However, he does know that his future plans will be created based off of the experiences that he will have in high school. As he progresses through high school, he hopes to begin planning his future.

Before high school, Christopher attended a small private school, where he joined the school’s relatively small and informal journalism elective for three semesters, as well as the school’s tennis and basketball teams. He also made sure to focus on academics, which he continues to do through his presence in the IB MYP program. Focusing on academics is now much easier for Christopher because of Desert Mountain’s countless advanced classes, which has been a notable change from his middle school.

Now, he hopes to contribute to his high school through writing news stories for Wolf’s Print. He does not know exactly where this adventure in journalism will take him, but he does know that journalism will take him very far in life.

Christopher Lessler, Staff Writer

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Christopher Lessler