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Chloe Allen
This is Chloe Allen's first year being a part of the Wolf's Print Newspaper. She does not have much writing experience other than essays from former English classes and a few fun stories. Before transferring to DM, she attended a small middle school without taking any creative writing or journalism classes so she has no published pieces. Chloe's goal while writing for the newspaper is to publish many stories.

Her love of creative writing started as a young child. She kept a journal full of short stories including fiction as well as stories of her life and experiences. She often found inspiration in the short skits and homemade movies her brothers would make.  She also found inspiration from her grandma, who taught Chloe how to draw and paint. Chloe participated in theater for many years growing up. Although she rarely got to take the center of the stage, she took inspiration from the amazing actors/ actresses, creative directors, and the well-written scripts.

Chloe plans on going to ASU after high school but is not opposed to looking into other schools later on. She does not have any specific career goals as of now but she is hoping this experience of working on the newspaper will help with her writing skillset for the future.

Chloe enjoys watching movies and shows and listening to music. She often spends her weekend binging her favorite Netflix shows. She also loves painting, drawing, and coloring when she is feeling creative. She plans on taking art classes throughout high school to develop those artistic skills more. She enjoys traveling and plans to do that more after high school.

Chloe hopes while being a part of the newspaper at DM, she can expand her knowledge and experience in writing and reach her goals this year.

Chloe Allen, Staff Writer

Oct 16, 2020
Home Alone (Story)
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Chloe Allen