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Abigail Whyte
This is Abigail Whyte’s first year being a part of Wolf’s Print. When she was in fifth grade her teacher encouraged her to write. Her sister made a big impact on her humor, and she acquired her sister’s love for writing. Abigail is excited to further delve into journalism this year. 

Abigail has lived in Texas, Arizona, and Ireland, she believes these moves have helped improve her writing skills. She is hoping to attend NYU when she graduates from Desert Mountain, but is keeping an open-mind where her future might take her. Though uncertain of what career she’ll choose she hopes to use her artistic abilities in her work or her writing skills, but she has a long list of ideas. Abigail would love to travel more after school.

Abigail loves to read, everything. From cheesy young adult books to The New England Journal of Medicine. She is inspired by Kurt Vonnegut’s books. She enjoys his dark crude sense of humor in his stories. Abigail Whyte participates in inktober every October, which is a challenge to draw and paint everyday of the month. She plays the piano and paints in her free time. Abigail posts her art on her Instagram @the_W.a.n.d.e.r.e.r. She likes to binge Netflix and for some reason likes running. She enjoys writing short stories when she gets in the zone. 

Abigail is interested in telling stories with everybody’s different perspectives and views. She is hoping to deliver thought provoking stories. “I am excited to get started writing for Wolf’s Print”, Abigail says.

Abigail Whyte, Staff Writer

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Abigail Whyte