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Gabriela Chen

Gabriela Chen, Staff Writer

Gabriela Chen is a writer for Desert Mountain’s Wolf’s Print. She is part of the Class of 2022 and she is returning to Wolf’s Print for her second year as part of the staff. 

Gabriela wrote a story for Wolf’s Print last year titled “Stressed In” where she detailed students’ experiences of stress and coping during the pandemic. 

Gabriela is returning to Teen Court Jury and is a new member of Drama Club, Desert Mountain Ambassadors, Amnesty International, and Physics club this year. She also hopes to join Model UN, Inkblot, and Speech and Debate this year as well. 

Gabriela has always loved to write about Fantasy as well as about her life and experiences. It was her first grade teacher that introduced her to the possibility of being an author one day and planting the seed that would one day grow into a goal. As a child, Gabriela read books about myths and fantastical beings, which spurred her love for Fantasy. Her favorite books were Keeper of the Lost Cities by Shannon Messenger and The Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan. English class became a way for Gabriela to unleash her innermost thoughts onto paper, with poetry being the driving force behind her fire. Recently, the authors who continue to inspire her to write are Victoria Aveyard, author of the Red Queen series, and Jennifer Niven, author of Holding Up the Universe. She aspires to tell stories that are not easy to say and that are impactful to others such as author Jasmin Kaur, author of the poetry book When You Ask Me Where I’m Going.

Gabriela has not always been interested in Journalism, but she soon realized that she wanted to be able to write about the people and share valuable information across a variety of groups. She also realized that she wanted every voice to be heard and every perspective accounted for. 

Gabriela wants her writing to be the hand on someone’s shoulder when they feel alone. She wants to reach out and ensure that no one feels like the struggles and emotions they are going through are theirs alone. Gabriela wants to write impactful stories that can inspire others or help them through a tough time. She has always wanted to help others and make them happy and she aims to continue that through her writing. 

When she graduates, Gabriela hopes to go to college and double major in writing and business, though she is not sure where yet. Eventually, she wants to go to Law School and work in social justice. She also hopes to one day be able to create change and reform in our education, criminal justice and mental health systems. 

Gabriela is on Instagram and would love to hear feedback at @_gabriela_louise

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Gabriela Chen