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2019-2020 Staff

Kevin Sheh


Since he was a child, Mr. Sheh was inspired by novels, including his favorites: Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Still Life with Woodpecker, Tales of the South Pacific, Cannery Row, Archie and Mehitabel, Cat's Cradle--that would ...

Katie Kustudia


Katie Kustudia is a writer and editor-in-chief here at Wolf's Print. She will be graduating in May of 2020 and has spent the past two years of her high school career as a committed member of the school’s newspaper. She is also...

Maggie LaCorte

Features Editor

Maggie LaCorte is a reporter and editor of her school’s wonderful newspaper, Wolf’s Print. She first became a member of Wolf’s Print in the second half of her junior year at Desert Mountain. She is graduating in 2020, and ...

Jonah Krell

Sports Editor

This is Senior Jonah Krell, a writer and sports editor in his first year at Wolf’s Print. He has enjoyed grasping much experience and knowledge to become a journalist. Besides Wolf’s Print, Jonah is a member of National H...

Nikita Anand

Staff Writer

Nikita Anand is apart of Desert Mountain’s class of 2020. She has just started to put her passion for writing, as this is her first year writing for the school newspaper. Nikita is Choir vice president as well as a member...

Abby Horton

Staff Writer

Abby Horton is from the class of 2023. She is a writer for the DM Wolf's Print. Abby joined Wolf’s Print freshman year because she loved the idea of writing for the people at school and inform them about fun things that are go...

Kaden Ouimet

Staff Writer

"If you are reading this, you may be wondering who I am..." Kaden Ouimet is a freshman at Desert Mountain High School, his preferred news font is Georgia and journalism as well as writing are both passions and hobbies (but cer...

Eric McGuire

Staff Writer

  Eric McGuire, is a senior in the class of 2020, and a writer and journalist at Wolf’s Print. He recently broke onto the journalism front and has found it fulfilling so far. Before this, he's always had a natural love of al...

Nate Roston

Opinion Editor

Although having similar tendencies to Switzerland, Nate Roston has always had strong opinions on topics he is passionate about. Whether it be a simple hockey game or a possible stock market crash, Nate will always go in depth...

Leena Darwish

Manging Editor

Welcome to Leena's Bio. Leena is part of the Class of 2020. This will be her first year in Wolf’s Print and she is very excited for what will come. In her younger years, Leena loved asking small opinion polls with friends...

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