Rakshak Shah

Rakshak Shah standing up for hilarious comedy

Leena Darwish, Managing Editor

Rakshak Shah is a sophomore at Desert Mountain. He likes long walks on the beach and pretty ladies. Rakshak Shah performs his own Stand-up Comedy on Thursday and Friday night, on Stage 2.

Reason for performing: “Because it seemed like a fun idea, and I never performed and I wanted to try something new, cause I don’t know what I want to do with my life yet.”

Advice for others wanting to audition for Coffee House: “Everyone is super friendly, so like because it’s an audition you are going to be worried that 5 random strangers looking at you, but it’s really not, it’s people you know and they are like your friends, and the worse thing they can do is not put your name on a list. They won’t even tell you if you got in or not.”