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Lockdown inspires student creativity


Sydney Becraft

ARTISTIC SELFIE–Senior Sydney Becraft shares a self-portrait crafted while during the governor’s stay-at-home orders. “Lately I’ve been doing a lot of artwork to prepare for my future college career at the Savannah College of Art and Design,” Becraft said. “I’ve been going back to some older techniques and practicing them more, such as still life drawings.”

Maggie LaCorte, Staff writer

Everyone knows the excuses — “I’m just far too busy”, “I have too much on my plate!”, or the classic, “Work/school/etc just takes up too much of my time”. 

We all are guilty of using these tropes to ignore some of the things we always plan on doing, but never really get to. 

Whether learning to knit, attempting a new recipe, or really starting that new garden, everyone can admit that over the years, we always plan on starting some kind of hobby, but never really follow through. 

Home Cookin'
Emily Speisman
HOME COOKIN’–Necessity sparks some hobbies, such as senior Emily Speisman’s homemade chipotle. “I decided to start practicing cooking,” Spiesman said, “because my family stopped going out to eat and ordering food, so I had to get creative.”

But thanks to quarantining and social distancing, many of us have the free time to spare, enabling people worldwide to explore their interests. And DM students are no exception.

Most students have been entering into relatively unknown territory–dipping their toes into their more artistic waters. According to a Wolfsprint survey, one common hobby multiple students share is that of painting or drawing. Seniors Kiara Huizar, and Avery Feldman have been engaging in their new(ish) hobby of painting, as well as junior Caitlyn Harken.

Alexa Quinzi, a senior, has been practicing her artistic abilities as well, and has been working on her drawing skills, while Other students have taken up more retro hobbies. Sydney Chelin (12) has begun practicing calligraphy.

A stitch in time
A STITCH IN TIME–Social media inspires many hobbies. Embroidery was “all over my social media and it seemed like something I could learn how to do,” said Ava Goldstein (12).

Others are embracing tech; one common hobby multiple students share revolves around the newly released Nintendo Switch game “Animal Crossing”. Seniors Kiara Huizar, Sydney Becraft, and Lauren Douglass all mentioned that they have been spending ample time enjoying the new game. 

Two seniors, Emily Spiesman and Nikita Anand, have been honing their cooking abilities, specifically for their families. 

“I decided to start practicing cooking,” Spiesman said, “because my family stopped going out to eat and ordering food, so I had to get creative.” 

Channeling the inner artist has been popular:

  • Senior Rachel Rojas always held an interest in photography, and now says that she has started using photoshop again and honing her skills. 
  • Senior Tyler Linton has begun trying something new, and started learning how to play the piano. 
  • Senior Lauren Douglass has been expanding her literary prowess, and has been reading more in her spare time. 
  • Senior Emily Frederickson has been journaling, and says it has helped her through everything going on with coronavirus.
Bearing down
Lena Soble
BEARING DOWN–Lena Soble (12) always admires the intricate detail of embroidery on clothes in stores. “I…wanted to see if I could replicate it myself,” Soble said. “It turned out to be an extremely relaxing and fun hobby.”

Have you taken up a hobby? Write to us below and let us know!